Tuesday, May 17, 2011

hello world , today my os crashed ( win 7) and i need a new one, but before putting on the new os is there any way i can recover my old data . i would hate to start my book from scratch again. see you later and thanks for all the help, your advice is appreciated .


  1. you say your OS crashed; what specifically happened? does it not boot at all? can you boot it in safe mode? the answer depends on exactly what happened

  2. You can do a repair reinstall, it will install a new version of windows but should keep all of your documents and files. have a google for it, you should find info about it, very easy to do and very quick.

  3. you could boot from a live cd (i like hiren's) and copy your stuff to a usb flash drive. justincase the win re-install erase's the drive. better safe than sorry.

  4. at the risk of sounding like a mac fanboy, i will say:
    get a mac my friend

  5. If the disk is not damaged, you can try to download Ubuntu, and start the system from the burned CD (no need to install anything, because you're booting from the CD) and then, you can watch all your files from there.

    It's not that difficult.

    Btw, the background of my blog is White Russia - the Exodus of Dmitri Belyukin.

    Pd. no captcha please :)

  6. I hate windows , just the look and the GUI. I'm still on vista, never had probs with it...

    catcha later ;)